Sanford Bemidji Medical Center Patient Safety Programs

Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA) has so far issued three Patient Safety ‘Calls to Action’ to improve patient safety in acute care settings.

Sanford Bemidji Medical Center participates in all three Patient Safety programs:                           

  • Safe Skin (to protect patients from skin breakdowns or ‘bedsores’)
  • Safe from Falls (to protect patients from falls that cause serious harm)
  • Safe Site? (to protect patients from surgery on the wrong side or site)


MHA provides a ‘road map’ of interventions that have been proven by studies to help prevent errors or harm with these identified events.

A few of the interventions we are adopting to keep patients safe include:

  • Patient wrist bands that identify those at risk for falls
  • Two-hour rounding by nurses to turn patients and offer toileting opportunities
  • Having both the surgeon and patient sign the site of the operation to be taking place