Inpatient Therapy Services

Immediately following injury, illness or surgery, you are able to begin the recovery process in the hospital setting.  At Sanford Bemidji Medical Center, we provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy services.  Our therapists work under the direction of your physician and together with nursing staff to help speed the recovery process.  Physical, occupational, and speech-language pathologists help you to regain functional independence to allow you to safely return home or move on to the next level of rehabilitation.

Your health and ability to function as independently as possible is the primary focus of the Sanford Bemidji Inpatient Therapy staff.   Your success and satisfaction with the care we provide is of the utmost importance to us.

What to expect:
During your initial visit, our therapists will evaluate your condition.  He/she will review your health history, test your strength and mobility, determine if and how you would benefit from therapy and what type of therapy you would benefit from, develop treatment goals, develop a treatment plan, and set a timeline in which to meet those goals.  We encourage you to take an active part in determining your treatment goals. 

Following the initial evaluation, your therapist(s) will see you 1-2 times per day throughout your hospital stay.  We monitor your progress and adjust our treatment as necessary to best meet your needs.  Once you are medically stable and no longer need to be hospitalized, your therapist is often a valuable resource in helping your physician determine the most appropriate discharge plan. 

If you are safely independent enough to return home you may be given a home exercise program, referred for in-home physical therapy, or referred for outpatient physical therapy.  If your rehabilitation needs are too great to be met as an outpatient, or you are not well enough to return directly home, you may continue your rehabilitation in our Acute Rehabilitation Unit or at Neilson Place, our skilled nursing facility.