Sanford Health Foundation of Northern Minnesota

Since its founding over 100 years ago, Sanford Health of Northern Minnesota has been a not-for-profit corporation that is dedicated to the work of health and healing for countless patients and their families.  Although the name has changed several times throughout the years, this mission has been lasting.
The Sanford Health Foundation of Northern Minnesota was formed to support this mission.  The Foundation does this through the gifts and donations of a generous community.  The role of the Foundation ensures that the mission is sustained and the healthcare services, facilities, and technology we now offer are strengthened and expanded to meet the needs of present and future generations.
Revitalized in the early 1990s, and nearly 100 volunteers strong, the Foundation functions within a framework that ensures success and accountability. When you donate to the Foundation you can know with confidence and pride that your gift will benefit generations to come.
No other charity has such a powerful mission as healthcare, whose charge is caring for everyone in the community from their first breath to their last.  Gifts to the Foundation support the most critical needs for healthcare in our region through specific projects that might not otherwise be implemented due to limited resources.  Dollars donated touch thousands of patients and their families cared for each year, and make possible a special touch that sets us apart.
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