Bemidji's digital mammography system allows us to offer
our patients faster and
easier mammograms

Each year, more than 200,000 American women are diagnosed with breast cancer and close to 40,000 of them die. Sanford Bemidji is advancing the fight against this disease by installing new digital mammography systems in the hospital and clinic and simplifying the process so patients receive the care they need, in less time. The purchase of the new digital equipment is the first of many such efforts the hospital and clinic will undertake as an integrated healthcare system.

“This project is more than just a step forward in technology; it allows us to optimize our delivery model, making a positive impact on patient care,” stated Chris St. Peter, clinic imaging coordinator. “We hope this project can be viewed as a model for redesigning care in a coordinated approach between the hospital and clinic. It's been a pleasure to be part of a team so focused on providing an exceptional patient experience,” said St. Peter.

Better Technology, Better Patient Care

Film mammography can sometimes take up to a week for a result. If a suspicious area is identified, additional screenings are often needed and in some cases, a biopsy is required. The process may take up to three weeks, which can be a time of waiting and worrying.

Now there’s a better way. Digital mammography shortens exam time by up to half the time of film. The turnaround time is shorter because images can be viewed immediately and, if needed, sent digitally to the radiologist while the patient is still in the mammography suite.

The system at the hospital also comes with a stereotactic interventional device. After a suspicious area is identified, the physician can perform a biopsy in the same mammography suite. “Outstanding image quality is critical for a breast biopsy,” says Radiologist, Dr. Matt Lee. “The new system gives us excellent visibility. It is an efficient and effective way to provide an accurate diagnosis as quickly as possible.”

Providing outstanding technology is a vital step to good preventive health, and one Sanford Bemidji takes seriously. To schedule a digital mammogram, contact your primary care physician.