Sanford Bemidji Medical Center Patient Safety Committee

At Sanford Bemidji Medical Center we are dedicated to safe, reliable care. One of the ways we address this is through our Patient Safety Committee. This committee evaluates any safety concern brought up by staff, patients, or family members. The committee reviews each concern and develops steps to address the concern.


Some of the ways the Patient Safety Committee strives to foster a culture of safety is through:

·    Creating a Just Culture for safety reporting

·    Viewing errors through systems management to help prevent future errors

·    Looking at all reportable events and analyzing effectiveness of proposed action plans

·    Providing regular patient safety training and education for staff and physicians

·    Participating in and reviewing the Minnesota Hospital Association’s (MHA) Safe From Falls, Safe Skin, and Safe Site programs


Some of the issues recently endorsed by the Patient Safety Committee include:                                                            


·    Using standardized colored alert bands that MHA has endorsed for all MN hospitals using colored alert bands   

 ·    Developing Rapid Response Teams that can be called to evaluate changes in a patient’s health status

 ·    Adopting the MHA’s standardized Informed Consent process