Medication Safety Tools for Patients/Families

Everyone in the healthcare system is working hard to ensure that medicine errors do not happen. You can play a key role in your own safety and health by actively helping to manage your own medications.                                 

You can expect to be asked these questions at each healthcare visit:

Do you have a list of the medications you take? Is the list up to date?


Universal Medication Form
The Universal Medication Form is a tool developed for people to keep track of all of the prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, and herbal supplements that they take when they are at home. You can get these forms from many places such as hospitals, physician offices, pharmacies, and health fairs. Take the form with you and give copies to each of your doctors, your pharmacist, and your dentist. Have them help you update the form if your medications change.


Universal Medication Form - English

Universal Medication Form - Spanish  


The following is provided by The Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety (MAPS) to help you keep your medications organized.

Tips for Medicine Safety

Medication Safety Tools