Foundation Committees

The Sanford Health Foundation of Northern Minnesota is organized into eight committees with approximately 100 community leaders who serve in a volunteer capacity. 

Annual Support

This committee reaches out to provide opportunities for community members to become more involved with SHNM.  The Annual Support Committee established Partners in Health, an annual giving club to recognize donors giving between $1 and $999.   

Dave Hengel, Co-Chair
Kelley Hengel, Co-Chair
John & Jenny Centko
Cory Gish
Kurt Knott
Judy Lamon
De Larson
Andrew LaTourelle
Kell Lovell
Paul Muller
John Ostrem
Lori Paris
Mark & Lanee Paulson
Tracy Pogue
Judy Porter
Dianne Sizer
Ellen Sovick

Business Relations

This committee recognizes cumulative business donations, and gives businesses the opportunity to invest in our community's healthcare. 

Melissa Vacek, Chair
Paul Diehl, Vice-Chair
Georgette Bloom
Kellie Dixon
Ashley Hull
Margot Kelsey
Scott Kurtzweg
Kirk Malkowski
John Meyers
Shannon Miller
Brent Sicard
Ryan Welle

Community Relations

This committee focuses on connecting the Foundation to community members through health-focused events and activities. 

Kevin Cease, Co-Chair
Pat Kelly, Co-Chair
Denise Anderson
Kathy Burger
Jim Ghostley
Kari Gregg
Kathy Hruby
Dick and Linda Klovstad
Andrea Lewis
Mike Mohler
Barb Mountain
Barb Treat
Shannon Westhoff

Employee Foundation 

The Employee Foundation Committee works to increase awareness of the Foundation among employees. The Cornerstone Club is the employee-giving club.  

Paul Andreas, Co-Chair
Kaci Petersen, Co-Chair
Pat Bartels
Stacy Baumgart
Chris Carter
Tanya Clemenson
Penny Echternach
Kelley Jansen
Kirby Johnson
Kari Knudson
Sarah Lehman
Nancy Luoma
Catherine Niskanen
Rolan Ohnstad
Christina Pennel
Phyllis Saga
Duane Sand
Janna Schiltz
Jane Storlie
Jodi Walker-O’Beirne


Community Endowment Grants

The Foundation also gives back to the community.  A fund was established by the Sanford Health of Northern Minnesota Board of Directors in 1997.  The interest from the fund is made available to assist local non-profit agencies in addressing significant regional healthcare issues. 

Jennifer Sanford, Chair
Deb Allison
Vince Beyl
Cathy Hedstrom
Sky Jager
Rebecca Snyder


Major Gifts

The Major Gifts Committee connects with and recognizes donors contributing over $10,000.  Typically, a naming opportunity is provided for these special contributions. 

Sylvia Wildgen, Chair
Jeremy Fayette
Bob Fitzgerald
Gary Johnson


Planned Giving

The primary purpose of the Planned Gifts Committee is to educate the community about planned giving and specifically to inform the community about our planned gifts program.  The Planned Gifts Committee established the Legacy Society to recognize generous individuals who have made planned gifts to the Foundation. 

Doug Oman, Chair
Jim Bensen
Eileen Bretschneider
Sue Dearholt
Jon Huseby
Ryan Kieson
Barb Smith
Mark Wangberg
Josh Wilde
Dennis Zeto
Allen Zutz

Special Gifts

The Special Gifts Committee has established the Honors Society to recognize individuals with cumulative giving of $10,000 and above.  This club also offers special member benefits and activities.   

Ryan and Jean Baer, Co-Chairs
Jon Duncan
Harriet Gordon
Ken and Kari Howe
Gary Johnson
Dina Lee
Emily Aitken-MaGaurn
Michelle Shuler