Sanford Health of Northern Minnesota Chaplaincy Services


In keeping with our mission to provide excellent healthcare, we recognize your need to have spiritual care that meets individual concerns. We extend spiritual care to patients and families by:

  1. Offering chaplaincy services through trained staff as a vital part of the healthcare team, including pastoral visitation, prayer, sacramental ministry, and consultation;
  2. Encouraging and supporting ministerial (clergy, lay minister, American Indian Healer, or spiritual advisor) and lay visitation of patients and families; and
  3. Encouraging and supporting patients and families to actively use their own spiritual resources to promote healing.

As members of the multidisciplinary care team, we work closely with nurses, physicians, social workers, and others who care for you or your loved one. The Chaplaincy Department provides spiritual care for patients, residents, families, and staff of all faiths and for those with no specific religious connection. We seek to strengthen existing religious affiliations and make referrals to area clergy and spiritual leaders as you request. Due to the current privacy laws we are unable to contact your clergy/spiritual leader without your permission.

Chaplaincy provides trained lay visitors (BeFrienders) to visit patients and residents at both the hospital and WoodsEdge. To request a chaplain or BeFriender visit, please call the appropriate chaplaincy office directly or ask your nurse or staff member to contact us.


The hospital chapel is located on the first floor of Sanford Bemidji Medical Center, behind the Gift Shop. The chapel is open 24 hours a day for meditation, prayer, prayer request or quiet reflection.

The WoodsEdge chapel is located on the first floor of Neilson Place, off the main lobby. Protestant worship services are held on Wednesday and Sunday mornings at 10:45 a.m. The first Wednesday of the month is a service of Holy Communion. Catholic Mass is held the second Friday of each month at 10:30 a.m.

Devotional Literature

Scriptures and devotional literature are available at your request from the Chaplaincy Office.